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Ebb in closer to see a

Fire is burning in the east

Release me she begs this breeze

Taking her away from reality

Tell me why

Are you sad and lonely too


Flying towards

A light in the sky

Are you ready

Ready to fly oh high

Oh are you ready to fly


Voyaging through the debris

Oh so elegantly she waits for him

Everything and nothing

turns to the eye

The eye within the sun

The eye within the pines


Flying towards a light in the sky

Are you ready

Ready to fly oh my

Can’t wait to fly oh so high

Flying so high again


Flying towards a light in the sky

I’m ready

Ready to die he says

Can’t wait to fly fly high

Flying high

Into the night sky


Summer is here

The leaves turn red

An owl appears he turns his head

He speaks

Once were green those leaves

On the trees

Now they fly a victim of the breeze

Oh my love

Love can’t you see

What you’re doing to me

I’m flying towards a light in the sky

Waiting to die

Oh Lord…

Tread With Ease 

Can’t you see beyond the waves

Beyond the moon

As you fade away

Can’t you see girl

Look around at all these

Ruby and pearls when you 

Tread with ease

Tread with ease

Alright now


Breathe it in and breathe it out

A brand-new day to

Scream and shout about

Welcome to a World so strange

A new age where all the people say

Tread with ease

Tread with ease


Look within then look outside

It’s not a matter of space or time

Get it together and move on

Now join the family

While we sing our song

Tread with ease

Tread with ease

Alrighty now


All together get in line

Come and join us here

In this mystical space and time

Oh lord I don’t know

If I’m feeling fine


Somewhere along the lines of Outer and inner dimensional time

There is a place

Tread with ease

Tread with ease


Tell me why

Lord why won’t you tread with ease

Come tread with ease girl

Give me some of that L-O-V-I-N-G

Some of that loving girl…



Waiting by a stream

A man appears

He speaks to me

Young man please save thee


Mother Ceres is dying

And crying for today

Upon the shadows of the hills

The war for our minds

Carries on still oh so silently


Floating deep beneath the sea

A glimmering shimmer

From the crystal of eve

Shine this light upon those in need



Mother’s Ceres is dying

And crying for today

Upon the shadows of the hills

The war for our minds

Carries on still


Peering at the lea

In the center there lies a tree

Holding the leaves of infinity

All day long

Oh lord

I think it’s all in my head


White rays and sun lit rain

See to it that you’re just the same

Rejoice for Neptune reigns

A lasting light only for today

See past the veil

See through this moon delusion

Moon of delusion now


Today all the tides wash away
Secrets kept from you will be revealed on this very day

Crying for I want to change

Won't let you fall victim to the Madness of emotion

Knowing is the only way

Key to revealing the true

Meaning of really living

An endless game of joy and pain

Never ending beauty and darkest manifestations


See past the veil


See through this moon of delusion

Moon of delusion now…

















The Band consists of some 19-yro self taught musicians based out of Parkland Florida, in the aftermath of the Parkland shootings my Wife held weekend events on our farm opening our doors to our Parkland neighbors giving them a safe place to come and decompress and enjoy our sanctuary, one of the nights we had an open mic forum and that is when I met 

"The Greyt Adventure" for the first time, one evening in mid 2018 we had over 200 people at my property, and when TGA got on stage the entire crowd stopped and stared with their mouths open in disbelief of the sound coming from these kids on stage.


The hair on my arms stood on end and I knew at that point this was something Magical to say the least.


These kids are Vegan, don't smoke or drink and practice Kundalini Yoga, when you look in their eyes you would swear they were teleported from the 60s, they write the lyrics and compose all the music themselves, I've let them practice in my garage for several months now and its truly amazing to watch them grow and perfect their craft in front of my eyes.


I felt it was my duty to pay-it-forward by backing them and providing them the means to make it to the big time.


Parkland Records was born!!